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Pertinent news and research on small and medium sized companies.
Best-of-breed research paired with near real-time financing reporting.
Efficient discovery and monitoring of up and coming businesses.
Simple and smart alternative to Regulation D sources available.
Simple (for you).
Proprietary filters means focus on what is relevant.
Patent-pending algorithm means easy to read article format.
Historical paper filings means most accurate fund raising estimates.
Data infrastructure means easy analysis of amendments.
Smart (so are you).
Best-of-breed research means clarity and data insight.
Offering size agnostic means complete market activity monitoring.
Fund raising-based event means efficient discovery of new companies.
Saves your intern time means he can get you some coffee.
Saves you time = Priceless...yet surprisingly affordable.
Why Regulation D?
The regulation was enacted to give small and medium-sized companies access to capital. This is how start-up companies raise money to grow, and when they do...they file a Reg D form with the SEC.
Public, official and...regulated.
The most comprehensive source of information.
Poised for growth (JOBS Act).
Under-utilized because under-estimated.
XDATA is backed by tenured professionals with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the financial information industry. At XDATA, we all share the same attention to detail and the willingness to offer a best-in-class information service.
"If the people willing to do the [data] gathering don't have the skills to understand what they have in front of them, you get garbage...Garbage in, garbage out."
Michael Bloomberg in Bloomberg by Bloomberg
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